Wednesday, March 23, 2011

This is NOT About Trees Falling on My House

My first post about the new house can NOT be about the tree falling on, I'm going to write about my neighbor instead.

We all have bad neighbors, crazy neighbors, WT neighbors, right?

Just because you have bad neighbors doesn't mean you hate your house, right?

I LOVE my house. Sure, there are a million things I want to change (or fix now that the tree fell on it), but my house is absolutely ME. It Sazzles. I have a fabulous office, beautiful hardwood floors, crown molding, curb appeal, plenty of storage, and gigantic fenced yard that Niko loves.

How bad could a neighbor really be?

Well...I think it would be a violation of some sort to post a picture, but one of my neighbors is on a list. Not only a list, but THE list.

Yes, friends, the Michigan Sex Offender list. And BOY is his picture creepy.

He has a creepy garage that I hear funny noises coming from, Niko doesn't like him (she likes everyone) and is always barking out the window, and my sister, Sarah, was creeped out by him one day while he carried his shovel. But, I digress.

I am choosing to love my house, and my neighborhood, through the good and the bad...but I am asking my cousin (city cop) to stop by every now and then in his cop car --- but he has to park where the dude can see him.

...and as a other neighbors are SO fabulous. The husband plowed my driveway one day and the wife was my sister's teacher in school -- so I am still happy and safe and in love with where I am.

Through snow and rain and sleet and hail and trees falling on my house -- my house, Niko and I Sazzle, dear friends.