Monday, March 29, 2010

Thanks for the Love!

Everyone seems to love the new layout and design of the blog.

Thanks everyone!

Sazzle on!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sazzle is...

...strong. I may scare men away because I am a workaholic and like sports, but I am proud of the fact that I am a strong woman

...battling back from the injury. I am doing my stretches and exercises -- AND still jogging twice a day with Niko. It is feeling a bit better - but still stiff and sore.

...going to a funeral this weekend. I don't want to - but it is the right thing to do.

..also going to a birthday party this weekend. I will have to leave early due to the funeral being so early in the morning, but this girl is FABULOUS and so I need to go.

...sure that MSU will win tonight! (I hope I'm not jinxing it)

...happy that I was so productive at work today. Perhaps the free coffee and cookies created a sugar-high :)

...loving my Chi tea

...late posting this blog so I've already gone to the Birthday party, funeral, and MSU won both on Friday night and Sunday afternoon.

...financially responsible. I'm not one of those douche bags who always goes everywhere and always has new things because I put everything on credit. I celebrate the expensive things I get because I pay cash and worked hard for them.

...happy and content being exactly who I am.

...looking forward to the sunshine and nice weather this week

...happy that Niko got to spend time with her BFF's Max and Molly this weekend

...still a vegetarian

Sazzle on dear friends! Sazzle on!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Stabbing for Sazzle

Sazzle had a bit of an injury.

So, I have a bad back. Every time Niko and I start jogging twice a day (or at all) it hurts for awhile. This time is really bad. We got back from jogging last night and I could barely move. At one point, I turned and I thought my entire body was going to give out.

Awful. Sharp Stabbing Pains. Awful.

I went to CVS and bought a heating pad - which I fell asleep on last night and it was wonderful! Don't worry, it has a 2-hour shut off.

I also bought these:

ThermaCare Lower Back Heat Wraps, Large-XL, 2-Count Boxes (Pack of 3)


They claim that it works for 8 hours. Honestly, it worked for about 10 before I took it off. They are a bit expensive at $3-4 for each use. However, they really helped today. At the end of the work day, I felt like I was ready to go jogging again!!! (Although, I could still feel the pain)

Side note: A few people told me that my back could be due to not stretching my hamstrings enough. So, this medical trainer I know sent me a document of stretches and exercises to do to stretch out the hammies and strengthen my back. Hopefully that will do the job.

Yes, I am going to Sazzle and actually do the stretches/exercises

Oh -- and you RN's out there (and you know who I am talking to you -- all 3 of you) -- Yes, I am fully aware that I should be icing it as much as using a heat pad...but quite frankly, the heat feels better :)

Smoothies that Sazzle

Did you know that Sazzle makes the best Smoothies ever?

Quite frankly, I do.

Yesterday I bought a blender. This one, actually:

 Black & Decker 10-Speed Blender - Black (BL10475BM)

You may ask, "How can you make the world's best smoothies and not own a blender"...the ex has it (and owned it so I'm not complaining about him having it)

I'm not going to lie, I was pretty excited about being able to make smoothies again and was pretty pumped buying all the stuff. (Similar to how happy I was when Starbucks started selling them last summer)

I even made sure to get some protein powder. I buy this one because it is low in calories, adds a nice consistency to the drink, is fairly cheap and doesn't have an awful taste.

DESIGNER WHEY Aria Women's Protein Supplement, Vanilla, 12-Ounce Canister (Pack of 2)

The best part? Smoothies motivate me. I love them so much but I have made it a rule -- you can only have a smoothie for breakfast if you jog Niko on the trail. So, guess what happened this morning? I jogged Niko on the trail. To be honest - we get a better jog on in the morning because nobody is on the trail at 6am. (Ok...maybe it was closer to 7am when we finally got out there)

Now, how would I Sazzle without sharing the recipe? I wouldn't, so I'm going to share it. Now, it isn't anything spectacular -- I believe the more simple the better.

Sazzlerific Smoothie
*1/2 cup milk
*2 scoops Aria protein powder
*1/2 cup frozen strawberries (I usually use 5 strawberries)
*1 banana
*Ice cubes (add for desired texture -- today I ran out of ice cubes so I didn't use any - and I personally wouldn't use more than 5)

For those watching your calories, it is 273 for the drink. WELL worth it if you went jogging in the morning.

Did I mention Niko almost jumped out of her skin when I ran the blender? Poor baby!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How to: Love Sazzle

Trust me - there is a point here.

Have any of you read this book?

No? You haven't read it? It's cool - I haven't either.

However, I am familiar with the concept. Basically, there are 5 love languages. They are how people show love and how they like to recieve love.

The Love Languages are: physical touch, acts of kindness, presents, words of aspiration...and one more that I can't remember -- but it doesn't matter what it is and it isn't the point of this post.

I show love by giving presents. I also do the other things, but I like to give things to those I love. If you question that, ask my neice and nephew :)

While I GIVE gifts to show affection, I always thought that I liked to receive love through physical touch and words of affirmation. I was pretty certain of that...

...then this showed up today...
OH yes! I got a present in the mail!!!! The best part? It was a present for absolutely NO reason at all, just to show me that I was loved and cared for.


What? Someone loves Sazzle? Who? Is it a dude?

No dear friends, no dude. However, yes, someone does love me. My beautiful friend, Raquel (who doesn't have a blog but should). Raquel is amazing. She used to live in Holland but now lives in Texas with her husband, Scott and beautiful "daughter" Sophie (her puppy). I hope everyone has a friend like Raquel -- one of those women that just does good things to just do good things. Love her to death!!! I wish she lived here because I'd hang with her ALL the time.

What did the present include? Oh, it was a box full of wonderfulness!

If you can't tell, she included the following:
  • The Lost Symbol
  • Twilight
  • York Peppermint Patty pieces
  • A ton of tea
Raquel knows my love for books, yorks, and knows that I am trying out tea and wanted to give me some wonderful selections to choose from. Green tea, black tea, chi, etc... I think I am going to try the chi tonight. Raquel even gave me instructions on how to prepare them. Words cannot express how wonderful she is. LOVE HER!!!

In conclusion, I guess I ALSO like presents. Well, who doesn't, right?

Raquel TOTALLY Sazzles!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

A New Look for Sazzle

Spring is here!

Thus, I found the need to create a new layout and show off a brand-new Sazzle. Do you like the header and background?

I actually stole this idea from Tami . If you aren't reading her blog, you should be. So, I went to the person who created Tami's blog and got mine done. Krizzy is great and really took the time to make me happy. She even changed the color of the girl's eyes for me (they were brown and I have hazel).

Now, I am going to add a few things, maybe some new widgets, and change a couple of things around -- but for the most part, she is good to go.

Oh - and did you notice that I show up in your feed now? That is because I (gasp) went public again. A few fabulous people all said the same thing "If someone that you have no relationship with feels the need to read and comment/criticize, they look stupid -- while you continue to Sazzle". Very true point. Read on Haters!

One final parting thought --- I highly encourage you to read my blog from your phone or Firefox. Internet Explorer doesn't show my pretty signature :)

Sazzle On Followers and Friends!

***Don't forget to vote (upper left-side) and tell me if you like the new layout!!!

Pretty Things Spring Fling Giveaway

Hillary showed me this one and I have to say, I LOVE it.

Check out BonBon Rose. They have a great giveaway going on with pretty, girly things.

BonBon Rose Sazzles!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Deja Vu... or, My Brother Sazzles

Remember when this happened?

For those of you that may have forgotten, my car door wouldn't latch -- thus using a scarf to tie the steering wheel to the door -- of course I cannot drive like this.

Well, last Wednesday I got home from work, ran with Niko on the trail, ate dinner and got ready for tanning. I went out to my car but I forgot something so I went back inside to get it...
...then I went back to my car...

...and this happened:

Again, the car door wouldn't shut.

Thank GOD, Kevin (my "little" mechanic brother) showed up at 2am (he works 2nd shift) and fixed it.

Thursday, I went to work, came home, ran Niko, ate dinner and prepared for tanning.
Again, I went out to my car. Again, I forgot something and went back to my apartment to get it...

...and again...

...this happened:

Again, I called Kevin. He said that he was working on getting a part for me.

He showed up at 2am and fixed it again.

Friday morning, I went to my car to go to work, and this happened:


Double Sigh.

Thankfully, Kristen (Administrative Assistant at work) lives close and is a friend, so she picked me up for work -- and even had the desire to pick up Starbucks! :) Mom was having dinner with me that night, so she was able to pick me up from work.

2am Saturday morning, my AWESOME brother Kevin showed up. It took him 4 hours to fix the car, but the new part is in and hopefully this never happens again:

Side note: I am no longer able to lock my car from the INSIDE. Bright side? I can never lock my keys inside my car anymore!

My brother Sazzles!!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Terrible Tuesday

A. I'm home with the flu
B. Too much to do for work so I've been working from home -- and important people know I am home and have emailed me a million times asking for things
C. Niko had her second "emergency" bath of the season

Emergency bath -- what is that you ask?

Niko has a problem with mud puddles. If she sees one, she's in it. Period.

With the snow melting, there are mud puddles EVERYWHERE. She has been really good about me letting her off the leash. Only going a certain distance, doing her poopy, and then coming back. Also, all winter long she has been a champ at playing frisbee at night. She retrieves it and brings it back...without wandering off. Well, she has decided that it is too fun outside to be a good girl.

Emergency Bath #1
Sunday. Beautiful day -- but I feel like crap.
I need to take Niko on the trail to run her, but I feel like crap and the trail is still all ice and snow. Instead, I decide to play frisbee with her. Normally she is perfect with the frisbee.
I take her outside - throw the frisbee...she runs and gets it...and then turns into the devil.
She runs for not a mud puddle...but the DRAINAGE DITCH

Yes, the poop-filled, crap-smelling, rotting leaves-holding DRAINAGE DITCH....and jumps in.

I am screaming at her and she is trotting around in the gross-ness. Then, she drops her frisbee, which immediately sinks. She freaks out... "MY FRISBEE!!!" and begins dunking her head in the nasty drainage ditch. She can't find it and starts splashing around trying to find it.

I get her out...and she smells like CRAP...literally like human feces!!!

I get her in the apartment and tie her to the door while I ran the bath.

This is the naughty girl. You better believe that is mud on the floor and on her face!

Here is the disgusting mud on the wall...N-A-S-T-Y!!!

So... she gets her emergency was the most disgusting bath and she will now probably get an ear infection.

For those of you that care about her well-being and happiness as much as mine -- YES, I DID go out and find the frisbee. I used a stick to dig it out of the ditch. And, I washed it with anti-bacterial soap.

This was before I washed it.

Emergency Bath #2

This morning I felt worse. I took her out to go potty and she got so excited that she ripped the leash out of my hands...and started running large circles around me.

Jumping in drainage ditches

Running in the mud

Swimming around in drainage mud

Running in more mud

Laughing at me as she ran by me

I could have killed her. Absolutely killed her. She again was tied up and had another emergency bath. This time was MUCH worse than Sunday. I was FURIOUS....just FURIOUS.

If you don't know how mad...take a look at what the bathtub looked like when she was done...

Monday, March 8, 2010

International Women's Day

Happy International Women's Day to all of you!!!

In the spirit of International Women's Day, I am going to review some websites directed at women.

Here are 10 Women's Websites I took a few minutes to review:

10. She Speaks: ( This website is really a forum for women's discussions. You have to sign up and have a username and password. The reason I checked out the site is that from time to time you are supposed to be given free products to try and keep (as long as you write a review). However, right away there are no such options. A couple of things to note:
  • I was able to go to the Member Offers and get a couple of free samples sent to me
  • Fill out their survey -- that is supposed to be what gets you the free samples
9. iVillage: ( This website has a few different sections: Pregnancy & Parenting, Beauty & Style, Home & Garden, Entertainment, Go Green, Food, and Health & Diet. Again, you need a username and password. You can sign up for a daily newsletter, which I did. A couple of things:
  • The shopping section isn't so bad. However, I found that the searches and results were quite slow. I actually searched for "flirty" dresses and was given a bunch of what I would consider "grandma" dresses. However, there were some cute options as well.
  • I thought the Home and Garden section was pretty nice. Again, it was slow but had a few nice links with ideas to decorating/organizing problems.
  • I have a feeling I could get lost in this website -- lots of links and sections. I will be exploring it a bit further and maybe you will see an update.
8. MeetUp: ( I don't have children, but this is a site used to help women find groups in their area. You can search by zip code to find groups in your area.
  • It's just for moms so I don't have many comments -- check it out if you have kids and let me know.
7. Bella Online The Voice of Women: ( This site is for women to write for women. The topics can be anything -- but it is more of a resource on how to get published.
  • Of the bat, I was excited about this website because on the homepage, they were advertising dog bone cookie cutters :)
  • I got lost in this website because of all the ads.
  • BORING and LAME :)
6. DIY Girl (  This is basically a site with article on how to get better skin, lose weight, do crafts, etc...
  • This site feels like you are reading every article ever published from COSMO.
  • I did, however, like the pet section :) However, it is more directed at GETTING a dog than having one.
  • Site is slow and unattractive to look at.
5. Total Woman: ( This is a cover for and promotes better health through better knowledge
  • One look and I left the page. Don't waste your time
4. Daughters of Eve ( This site gives you a quote each day from notable women. It comes in a puzzle that you need to figure out.
  • Quite frankly, I don't have time for this -- but if you have time for word puzzles, check it out.
3. American Association of University Women ( For all the smarties of the world. I would highly support this website for those who really want to give back to other women.
  • There are membership dues and fees -- so I won't be joining :)
2. Woman's Day ( A site to go along with the Woman's Day magazine. There are deals, give-a-ways, a blog, stories and articles, and lots of recipies.
  • I am a huge fan of the Home - Home Organization section
  • Lots of great money-saving tips.
  • You get all the great stuff from the magazine for free!
And last but certainly not least:

1. Sazzle Style: ( Is there any better site? :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oscar Re-Cap 2010

Tonight was the Academy Awards.

A bunch of people won some awards and a bunch and some really dumb jokes were made.

Did I care about the winners? Hmmm not really. I wanted Sandra Bullock to win - that's it.

Surprisingly, I did get excited when one movie won. Up won! I watched Up at my parent's house and it took everything for me NOT to cry!

Now, onto the most important part -- the fashion and attendees...

Do you know that I love him?
Normally, I love him too, but doesn't he have a stupid look on his face?

And this is one of the hottest guys in Hollywood, but WHAT did he do to his hair?

Seriously? Come on...seriously?
Can Ryan Reynolds please marry me?

She looks so "Carrie" in this. Love it for her, but nobody else could do it.
Oh, and SERIOUSLY, look at how beautiful she is and how ugly her husband is!
Rachel McAddams looks much better in this picture than I thought she looked on tv.
Perhaps she can't handle HD

Doesn't Tina Fey look a bit like Betty Rubble?

Overall, I'm happy with most of the dress selections -- although a bit bland by many.

There was ONE stand out favorite of the night.

Demi Moore looked AH-MAZING.

Straight bananas!

I want this dress!!!

Get to Know You Sunday aka I don't feel like Cleaning

While I am on a current break from cleaning, I found this survey in my blogger dashboard, so I thought I'd participate.

Here are the questions....
1. Are you more of a talker or listener?
Both. Unfortunately at times I am more of a talker

2. Bra. Underwire or wireless?
Underwire -- these puppies need support!

3. I wish I was....
A millionaire...or just had a fully-paid for house and car

4. The Academy Awards are on tonight...will you watch?
Yes, to see the dresses! But, I will be working on my laptop during.

5. Do you put your deodorant on before or after you get dressed?
Depends on what top I am wearing. Usually before I put on my top, but after my bra and underwear.

6. Would you rather do the dishes or clean the toilet?
Dishes all the way -- but I'd rather clean the toilet than vacuum. I hate vacuuming, and when you have a huge, hairy dog you can't really neglect it.

7. How much did you weight at birth?
You'll have to ask my Momma about that one -- but I think I was pretty small. May 21, 1981!
8. If you could only buy one thing for the Summer/Spring season....what would it be?
An entire month's worth of sun dresses!

Weekend Marathons

Do any of you watch Bravo?
I doubt it. Most people I talk to don't catch any of the shows on Bravo.

On the weekends, I'm a junkie. Since I normally watch network television during the week, the weekend is to catch up with my soap-opera styled reality TV....instead of cleaning/organizing my apartment.

I watch this:

I am a Gretchen fan...although I think the Orange County women are money-hungry slackers that don't know how a true woman should behave.

I also watch this:

Patty is so funny and tells it like it is. But, seriously, some of the Millionaires are just plain disgusting -- what women will do to be rich...

I love this one too:

Back in the early college years, a hair stylist told me that I should be a hair model (it was thick and gorgeous back then). There is no way in HELL I would be a hair model -- how they jack up women on this show is appalling!

Speaking of Hell... this is my new fave (and currently on a marathon as we speak)

It is about Kelly, a PR rep for the fashion industry in NYC. Watch it sometime.

I'll watch about anything on Bravo: Top Chef, Flipping Out, Chef Academy, My Life on the D List, Launch My Line, Million Dollar Listing, Project Runway (now on Lifetime), Tabatha's Salon Take-Over, The Fashion Show, The Rachel Zoe Project, all of the Real Housewives shows (although I don't like Atlanta)...and the list goes on.

However, I have one that is my absolute favorite...LOVE IT!!! That is the Real Housewives of NYC.

I am a huge Betheny fan -- although I'm sad to see that this season all the other Housewives are ganging up against her. I actually programed my phone to go off every Thursday night at 10pm so that I don't miss it. And...this is the only Bravo show that I will watch during the week instead of catching up on marathons over the weekend.

I can't wait to see the drama unfold between Betheny (I actually have one of her books) and Jill.

Anyone else a Bravo fan?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Debt Free

Being single has a wonderful perk: I am no longer caring for 2 grown adults, a child and a dog. I am JUST taking care of me and Squeakers!

That has given me the ability to completely eliminate debt. I have been doing a great job of saving/paying...and all of a sudden, something amazing happened....

I came into some money. I won't discuss how, but it came out of the blue as a surprise reward for something I did. I also won't discuss the amount (HUGE), but what I will say is that with my tax refund deposited to my account today I was able to pay off all of my debt, including my student loan from my parents.

...It feels REALLY good to be debt free!!! Now, I'm going to save for the next year to buy a car -- preferably a Honda Fit.

I Sazzle because I am DEBT FREE*

*Yes, I am aware that there is a house in my name...and that Jason is living in it...and that he is probably going to let it go to foreclosure because he can't afford it and isn't doing anything to sell it...but now is not the time to discuss that negative is happy time!!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Calling BS on This One

So, I did not get a call or a text from Ryan. Figures.

Like any normal girl sick on a Friday night, I figured that I'd read my Eharmony...and I see an email from Ryan. This is what it said:

Hi Stephanie,

I had a good time having coffee with you on Sunday. But I've been thinking about it, and it just doesn't seem right.
I find you fascinating - I don't recall the last time I met a 28 year old who was as accomplished as you are. Frankly, it's a little intimidating. Perhaps that's a sign that my self-concept is not as strong as it could be? I don't know. But I've got to go with my gut on this one.
I hope you enjoyed your 10am coffee today :), and I wish you and Niko well.
With high regard,


I'm calling BS on this one. Oh well, his loss.

Should I respond?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Finally...a Date Re-Cap

I have gotten asked by a few to fill in the details from my date, so here goes.

Ryan and I met at Noshville, which is a coffee shop in a strip mall on 44th street near Ramblewood apartments.

It looks like this:

I arrived pretty early so that I could beat him there and got myself a nice large Cappucino, sat at a table and began reading my Travel & Leisure magazine (what, it is a good magazine)

Ryan soon arrived.

The conversation was easy. He was nice....and REALLY tall. Here are some details to re-cap:
  • He loves that I sleep with Niko
  • He brought Niko a treat -- which she ate in about 30 seconds
  • He isn't a huge sports nut (darn) but he does watch the big games (good - start with the big games and work your way to the NFL Season Ticket)
  • He did all the remodeling of his own house
  • He told me that I have beautiful eyes :)
  • He was interested in my job (we all know I can talk about THAT for hours)
  • There really wasn't an awkward moment
  • We talked for over 2 hours
  • He loves that I am an organizational freak :)
So...I think it went well. He was in Lansing this week so I haven't gotten a call...but I'm not really concerned.

Unlike most women my age, I LIKE being single.

More and more every day I realize how fun it is to be single - not having to deal with someone else's crap. Now, don't get me wrong, I would like to marry and have babies...but even though I am 28, I'm not too concerned about it. If it happens, cool...if not, at least I have Squeakers :)

So, we shall see...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

To Go Public or Not to Go Public

I thought about making my blog public again.

Quite frankly, the reason is that I am so jealous with how many followers Tami has and her shout-outs to her favorite blogs (that I am not included in).

Should I go public?

The crazy ex and his inmature friends would be able to read it...but so could a million others that might decide that my blog totally Sazzles and it might become a famous blog...

decisions, decisions, decisions...

What do you think?

Blog Pages

Now you can add pages to your blog.

I found this out through a blog I follow, called Shabby Blogs.

Don't forget to check out my other one more now but I spent some time on it and there will be more to come :)

Here is where you can go to get to my other pages: Look for this on the left-hand side