Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"Amsterdam - What?"

Roger, a teamlead from Customer Service, here in the office, brought in some video that he took at the Christmas party in Amsterdam.

I have to admit, there is some embarrassing video of me...

Perhaps at one time, I am saying "Amsterdam, WHAT?" and jamming out with Flat Kendyl and Flat Aden waiving in the air... sigh... It was really fun

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Best Job Ever

I love my job.

I work hard, enjoy what I do, get to travel, have wonderful friends from is amazing.

I get to have parties at the this:

As all of you know, I just spent a week in Amsterdam - for work. While I had all-day meetings Monday through Thursday, I also had a lot of fun.

I rode the tram:

I visited Central Station:

...and the Anne Frank Huis (again):

I met up with Santa:

I went shopping:

I ate yummy Dutch Pancakes:

I visited the Van Gogh museum (again):

I hung out with one of my employees - Atsumi:

I got to see Natalia:

...and ate Indonesian food for the first time:

Spent some time with Karen and Ahmed:

Drank some beer:

I hung out with my favorite French Canadian, JC (although different because he is from France and now lives in Canada)...he calls me Sazzle in work meetings:

Also, I attended lots of meetings that were fun:

And got to see a bunch of fun Christmas stuff:

I actually even talked to the COO:

Wait...who are these guys?

This is flat Aden and flat Kendyl. My sister gave them to me so that they could visit Amsterdam. I took pictures with them everywhere. They are going to learn about Amsterdam and she will make a scrapbook. The "kids" were a huge hit.

Overall, I had an amazing time in Amsterdam. It was a lot of work and I am exhausted, but I am so blessed to have a job that I love - and get all these perks!!!

Oh...and I did have an AMAZING good time at the Christmas party there :)

Monday, December 14, 2009


(I really hope Kim reads this)

While I am fighting through the jet lag, I thought I would share a pretty funny story. Now, some of you might think it is TMI, but quite frankly, I don't mind sharing.

I am one of those people that doesn't lie. If you ask me a question, I will tell you the truth. Also, at times I probably share too much information. Really, I am an open book - and I have no shame :)

Here is the story:

Are any of you the kind of person that has to poop in awkward situations? Perhaps you have to poop in a business meeting? Perhaps at the dentist while you are getting major work done? Maybe it is when you are getting ready to cuddle up to your girlfriend/boyfriend? Or maybe in church...any time there is NO WAY you can poop then.

My pooping problem?

I ALWAYS have to poop when I get on an airplane. Seriously.

I had a 2-hour flight and then an 8-hour flight on Friday/Saturday. Do the math on that...still in pain. :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I am a BAD Person

So, Jason came over tonight. He was dropping off 2 shelves and also bringing me the document that states that he will pay me (some) of the money he owes me.

Now, before I tell you why I am a bad person - I have to say that I didn't sign the document. It was drawn up by Jason's Aunt's boyfriend - who is a lawyer. It is in legal talk and I don't really trust that there isn't some crazy loop hole. I want to read it over for awhile first. Does anyone know a lawyer that would read it for free and give advice?

Now, on with the important topic:

Here is why I am a bad person: Jason got dumped. ... and I am kinda smiling inside. I don't think he has ever been dumped before and I can tell he didn't expect it at all. She went back to her ex. Now, a little part of me feels bad for the guy. You gotta feel for someone that gets dumped. ... I didn't know this until AFTER I talked about how I have "met" a few He always mocked online dating but actually began checking it out himself.

I am pretty ashamed with myself that I am taking such joy in it. It isn't nice of me. I shouldn't be thinking "see - you are NOT king of the world like you think you are". I shouldn't be thinking, "HA - you were dating her almost immediately after we broke up and joked that I couldn't find a guy that wasn't a least I haven't been dumped for an alcoholic". Again, that is not nice. I am a bad person for feeling like this. I don't mean harm on him and he wasn't ALWAYS a bad guy to me - but a part of me is happy.

I am sure everyone will say it is a natural feeling to be (at least a little) happy - but I don't want to be happy that someone else was hurt. I don't like it when people hurt. So, officially I feel bad for the dude. I had my moment and now I'm not going to dwell on it. Squashed.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Where are the Goals?

So I intended to have new Sazzle goals weekly, or close to weekly.

Why haven't I posted a blog about goals recently?

My goal is right now to make it through Christmas with my sanity in tact. I have exactly 4 days until mom picks up Niko and I have my work Christmas party. Then, I leave for Amsterdam the next day. I get back on December 18th really late. Then I pick up Niko in Fremont. That is followed by only 3 days until Christmas.

I still have to buy presents, wrap everything, make a ton of baked goods, try to figure out the boy situation, get TONS accomplished for work and survive...

My current goal is to make it through Christmas...then I will have other goals. :)

Cross Another Off the List

Do you remember Mark and Sammy?

Mark is a guy that lives in my complex and Sammy is his yellow lab. So, I ran into him today. Perhaps I was drunk when I met him the first time. NOT my ALL!!!

We let the kids play together today...Niko ended up a muddy/stinky mess but she loved it and has been sleeping since.

While Mark seemed VERY interested in me - I am not at all interested in him. Cross another one off the list.

I Sazzle because I know what I am looking for and I'm not going to hang out with a guy just because HE is interested in me.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Over It

Here is the thing. I have spent 12 of the last 14 years in (what I have thought were) committed, long term relationships.

Obviously, they didn't work out.

Now, I refuse to settle. I have dealt with issues and problems in previous relationships and I just have no patience for that now. Any sign of a flaw, and I run for the hills.

Well, I think I found the flaw in Josh. He gave me his last name so I did some Google research. (What? Like you haven't done it before) I don't really like what I have found:

  • I think he is REALLY, REALLY needy for a wife.
  • He doesn't have a very deep voice
  • I don't think he is very masculine...seems too sensitive
  • I think he is on every social networking site and dating site out there. Desperate?
So...I don't know what to do. I am thinking about just deleting his number and moving on. Perhaps that might be premature. I don't know. Maybe I will meet him once and then decide.

What do you guys think?

...oh, but I did meet someone else too. Nick, 30, 6', pilot.


So, I'm going to take a break from boy-talking to talk about something else.

Apparently, UGGs (and imitation UGGs) are taking over the world!

I can't even begin to explain how many girls I saw wearing them in the office yesterday or in the mall today. What is the deal? Do you remember when we were in high school and our moms wore mom winter boots?

I'll be honest, I made fun of those people. I continued to make fun of people that wore ugly boots to class in college and those that wore ugly boots to work. I am certain all of you did too!

Now apparently it is cool to stay warm and dry again...who knew that would ACTUALLY become as important as style. Who knew ugly would become stylish?! Because, quite frankly, they are ugly.

There are tall ones, short ones, every color known to man, ones with heels, different name it, they have it.

When did we become fan of uglies? Are YOU a fan?

Side note: yep, I have a pair. Mine look like this...AND I wore them to work yesterday too!

Josh Update

Thanks for all the comments about Josh!

A couple of updates - my mom wants me to meet him soon :) (I think she wants me to have something to talk about at Christmas time)

For those of you that asked - he IS close to his sister and mother.

Did I mention he tells me I am beautiful? I know, I know...I am a sucker for a line or two.

He drives a 2008 Ford ...I think a Fusion or something.

Anyway...that's all for now. We shall see.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Uh Oh...Hopes are Up

So...I'm really liking Josh.

He is nice. He DOES look like Adam Sandler...sort of the long face sad eyes thing. He thinks I am beautiful or at least says it.

I may have run into the "marriage" guy. He wants to get married...pretty bad.

We IM'd for a couple hours tonight. We actually webcam when we do it. I look like HELL on the webcam but he still says I am pretty.

I am kinda smitten.

The one thing is that he doesn't hang out with guys very often. I told him to work on it. Apparently his good friends are all married with kids...but guys need guy time.

...I like him...

I stole this pic from his IM:

Anyone Have a Stick?

This online dating thing is NUTS!

My inbox is blowing up!!!

Some are cute, ugly, creeper-ish, normal, LOTS with kids (all getting blocked), many with dogs, AHHHHHH!!!! Too much of a good thing - I am overwhelmed!

I am going to have to beat them off of me!

So - anyone have a stick?

Guy #1

So, finally getting back into the dating scene. I am not going to assume that I will meet one guy and that will be it - I realize that I will probably have to date many before I meet the right one.

Let's talk about Guy #1. Josh.

I talked about him in a previous email, but here are the details:
  • 33
  • Never married
  • No kids
  • Lives in Middleville
  • Works 3rd shift (booo)
  • 6'1"
  • Kinda looks like Adam Sandler
  • Has a dog
  • Volunteers with kids
  • Is a Christian - and based on conversations I actually believe him
  • Thinks I'm beautiful :)
Weird - we were instant messaging for about 3 hours last night. Again, do not have my hopes up and protecting myself against creepers - but maybe I just met a friend.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

What? I Meet Boys?

I was pretty bummed about having to move my blog to "invite only". You won't get a "New Blog Post" update in your Dashboard Feed. You have to actually have to click on my link.

Perhaps now I am not so bummed...well, when I share my topic.(As long as my followers start reading and commenting again) I don't want many people to know about this.

So...I found a free online dating service. Mock if you will but I don't go out, my life revolves around Niko, it is a busy time of year, and when I do go out - I go out to hang out with my friends, not pick up dudes.

Anyway, I found this site from the girl that works at my tanning salon. I know, random. She just got a new puppy and I listen to her chat - she is probably more of a crazy animal lover than I am! Her boyfriend is HOT so I thought I'd give it a chance.

Of course, you have to be careful because creepers are more likely to be on the free site.

30 seconds after I posted my profile, I had 3 emails. So far, I have been emailed by a ton of guys. Now, 3 are interesting so I have communications going on.

One is HOTTTTT. 6'1". Volunteers with kids. Says he's Christian (but you never know what that means). Works as a manager. 33. No kids. Never married. Commented on the fact that he likes dogs. AND - HE CONTACTED ME!!!!!!!

Anyway, it is an ego boost more than anything. I'm not holding my breath, but maybe I can meet a friend or two.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Fun Fact of the Day:

In all this crap about Jason's friends reading my blog and mocking "Sazzle" I have actually found something FUN!!!

Apparently, I didn't make up the word Sazzle at all. Apparently it is already in the urban dictionary. Seriously!

Here is what it says:

-An uber-sexy person. Often referred to as a mess, both mentally and physically, but retaining that cute, drugged up mentality.

- Sexually devious

 Still fits?

I like the first part of the definition, but not the rest. I will just use the first part :)