Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Blogging from Bed

My touch screen completely gave out today. Conveniently, today the Samsung Epic was released.


I am now 4G and have Android apps...like an awesome blogger on my phone.

It is going to take some time to get used to this phone but I should be able to blog more often

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday's Sazzlerific Stuff

I'm starting a weekly segment called "Stuff I want Sunday" or "Sunday's Sazzlerific Swag"

I really want this Nine West Zip Clutch at endless.com. It is fantastic. I'd take it in black, yellow or white. I think it'd work great for a night out with the ladies -- or style up a hot outfit on a hot date.
What do you think?

Oh Weekends...

...how I have missed thee.

It's been quite some time where I felt like I had an actual weekend. Hospitals and family engagements will do that to you.

This weekend I finally got to do something enjoyable. My friend, Amy, had a BBQ at her house on Saturday night. I love sitting on her deck for hours. Maybe it is because she cooks good food. Maybe it is because it is so nice to sit outside. Maybe it is because it is very drama-free.

Or, just maybe it is because of her crazy (I say that in a nice way) older neighbor, Eddie, who cracks me up. He tells the dumbest jokes but he is a riot. I had a great time.

However, the rest of my weekend wasn't so fun. Cleaning, bathing Niko, laundry, laundry, laundry, laundry, organizing, sweeping....sigh. I hate to clean. And, I got really behind for the two weeks that Sarah was dealing with hospitals.

So...now, instead of finishing Breaking Dawn (which I so badly want to do) I am logging into work programs so that I can type up some documents due tomorrow. Boo...

Maybe next weekend I'll have something more interesting than cleaning

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Definition of Love...

...is getting your sister out of a rectal exam.

So, many of you know but I found it necessary to write a blog about Sarah.

I started writing all the details and then deleted it all. Nobody wants to hear the hour by hour breakdown.

My baby sister, Sarah, is having the worst first week of College ever. She has been in the hospital continuously since Thursday. Doctor's think it is colitious, but they aren't positive which type yet -- chronic would be chrons disease, but we are just hoping for an infection which isn't chronic.

I spent the night in the hospital with her (and mom) on Friday and Saturday. It was hard to leave her there today, but I have to work tomorrow.

It is obviously also really hard watching her in pain and NEEDING to push her pain pump every 8 minutes. (I got it lowered from 10 because in the beginning it wasn't enough)

...and, yes...they keep wanting to inspect her colon. Mom and I wouldn't let them check it out on Saturday night. I would have physically prevented the doctor had he tried. (Seriously, it wasn't necessary -- I promise)

Mom and I don't trust the hospital -- but we think they have the right diagnosis at this point. The test results should be in tomorrow to determine what type she has.

Probably one of the most horrific things I have seen was when she woke up screaming at 3am on Saturday morning...I just can't handle HER in pain...afterall, she is the baby.

All that I can ask is that everyone keep her in your thoughts and prayers. It may heal quickly and that's all I ask that people pray for. She is obviously very special to me and I am very worried. Mom is exhausted but certainly won't leave her side.

I love my Sarah -- Get Better Soon, Pumpkin!!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Little Things...

It's really the little things in life that make me smile...

...such as work providing me with a gigantic white board that is ALL MINE!!!!

Monday, August 9, 2010


Both a Blessing and a Challenge, sometimes you get so caught up in living your life that you can't seem to find time to write about it...

Here is a quick update and a promise that I will start scheduling more time for blogging:

The New Job: is going quite well. Who would have ever guessed that "procurement", "billeting" and "armored vehicle" would be in my everyday vocabulary? It's quite fun working in a boys club and wearing my 5" heels :)

Niko: is doing well -- spoiled as ever. She really likes "busy bones". Yeah, they keep her busy...for about 2 minutes.

Friends: are wonderful. After 29 years, I finally have group of friends that I trust 100%. Gone is the drama, the backstabbing, the gossip, the jealousy, the LIES/STORIES, the evil...
My girls are fabulous. I'm lucky to have them.

The workouts: are...going. We all know I go through cycles. I was working out a ton before I got the new job but I'm so mentally exhausted lately that I haven't found time. I haven't gained back any of the weight I lost, but I want to get back to my smoke'n hot body. So, I'm cutting this blog short to get on the treadmill.

Shoes: I have LOTS of new ones to share with you.

Car: YES, I am preparing to get a new car. I am constantly looking and am only waiting for the "one" to come along... (story of my life, right?) I am still looking at the Honda Fit, but the used inventory is low in the area. However, I'm also looking at the Toyota Prius -- they are really cute.

Computer: My mom took my "good" laptop to her guy and he fixed it for less than $60!!! That included a whole new cooling system added. I'm pretty geeked -- but I need to take some time to move files.

The Family: My DAD, yes my dad...MY dad has a cellphone. Quite hillarious! I'm actually sending him random texts -- but he hasn't yet figured out how to respond :)

Guys:  I'm keeping this a secret for now :)

Life is pretty good right now. I'm blessed.

Sazzle on Dear Friends -- Sazzle On!