Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Peepers, Pounds and Passwords

Have any of you been reading the news?

There is a Peeping Tom in my apartment complex.

Luckily, it is in the other section of the complex, which is more ghetto than mine (is that possible?)

It was pretty funny when my mom called to tell me about it last night, since I never close the blinds in my living room and immediately raced to them. Although, he is peeping and exposing himself mostly to the first floor, still creepy...and I perhaps have once or twice walked around naked...ewww

Since winter is over, Niko and I are back to running and I'm counting my calories again. Christa
is also working on her fitness right now and is posting a "Wednesday Weigh-in". Congrats to her for losing 2.4 pounds in the last week! I actually lost 4 -- so I am pretty pumped. I'm sure most of it is water weight since I am really cutting back on sodium and you all know how much I love salt!!!

And...last but not least, I shared with many of you a couple of days ago that "someone" tried to hack into my gmail and/or blog which disabled both of them. Funny enough, that evening I found out that "someone" had changed the address on the mortgage statements and also attempted to put a password on the mortgage account so that I couldn't access it.

Funny enough...the mortgage company GAVE me the password. After all, I am the primary on the account. No, I will not sink to this person's level and share the password with the world (although I did laugh about it with my mom) but it did make me wonder...

Did I put a password on the mortgage at one time and "someone" got that from the mortgage company and attempted to get into my accounts? Perhaps...I honestly don't remember.

But, now I've changed my password on every account.

Sazzle on dear friends, I know I will!

Monday, April 26, 2010


So, apparently someone tried to hack into my gmail and/or my blog. They attempted numerous passwords that ended up de-activating both gmail and my blog.


Guess what people? My gmail is only used for my blog -- so it really isn't that interesting. You won't find any drama, gossip, or my online purchases. No crazy photos, no naughty secrets...just my blog info that is, indeed, public already. What you see is what you get.

Quite frankly, get a life.

Sazzle on dear friends!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Something Sweet

This week has been rough for me -- worked 7 days in a row due to the stupid volcano!

But, the good news is that my boss recognized me and my team for all our hard work.

Have you heard of Etsy? It is a website where you can buy and sell things -- I believe mostly/all of the items are hand-made.

Well, there is a specialty cupcake seller on Etsy called Sinners Saints & Sweets.

Here's what we got in the mail -- which were very, very good but probably too rich.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

You'd Think...

You'd think that if you really wanted to sell a house and I said "I have a buyer who is really interested, get me photos ASAP" that you would have a sense of urgency to send over the photos.

You'd think that since there is only ONE WEEK left of the tax buyer credit that you would have a bigger sence of urgency to send over the photos.

You'd think that you would have the brains to post it on Craig's List every single week...but if you look on Craig's List -- it isn't there.

You'd think that since you can't afford the mortgage that any help/assistance would be appreciated and necessary.

You'd think that when you created a flyer that you'd have more than just the exterior photo and perhaps would make sure to highlight all of the selling points.

You'd think that since I work in commercial content editing that you'd have me review the text.

You'd think that you would be grateful for the help, not a complete douche bag.

Apparently some people don't. Apparently my help isn't needed/wanted to sell the house -- really? Apparently he doesn't actually want to sell it, just keep it in my name for the next million years so that I can't buy Niko a house.

Maybe it shouldn't surprise me because... you'd also think that if I had thousands of photos of your son that you don't have, that you'd also ask for those...but that hasn't happened either.

You'd think that some people would have a brain, but apparently they don't.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday's a Bitch, and She's a Whore

Worst. Day. Ever.

All I can say is that this volcano is NOT something fun to talk about when you work in travel.

Emergency training on Sunday. My team has to stop their work for the week and work in Customer Service to help out with cancelations. Everyone is on high alert. Worked WAY too many hours with way too much stress. Today was an absolute BITCH!

But...instead of spending my time complaining about it, (Stress causes weight gain so I refuse to stress out...anymore) I'd like to talk about something I was thinking about this weekend. Who the Hell is Sonja?

I've talked about this before, but I love Bravo, watch marathons on the weekend, and I love this show:

Betheny is my absolute favorite and the only one that I believe is a real person to any degree (although Alex is surprising me this season with how normal she actually is)

Well, story on the street is that due to Alex's REAL job, she will not be returning next season -- or just won't be a big role. Thus, they need another housewife.

Well, Bravo, you made the wrong move.

Meet Sonja Morgan...

or as I like to call her, "Nasty Old Whore"

She gets botox in the first episode, talks about having sex with lots of random men, and spends the ENTIRE first appearance flaunting her money, elevator and looks. She is CLEARLY, CLEARLY one of those rich bitches that people absolutely hate -- even if they are rich.

It's no wonder that Luann is her friend...Luann is a snake like Betheny says

*If Bravo gives this whore lots of face time, this show may no longer be my favorite -- but I also heard that Betheny may get her own show and I'm ok with that.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pics, Trips and Volcanos

So, I won't be in Europe this week. I think we all know why:

Eyjafjallajokull (the glacier volcano in Iceland) decided to erupt and ruin all travel to and from Europe.

Now, the Schiphol airport (in Amsterdam) did send out some successful test flights today and they may re-open their doors soon, but my meetings were canceled - for safety reasons. You see, even if the flights actually attempt it, there are some scary things to consider:
  • The cloud of ash will continue until to be there/rise until the ice cap melts. At last I saw (which was awhile ago) only 20% was's going to take awhile
  • Should the ash ACTUALLY get into a plane -- dead. Seriously.
  • If the ash/lava gets anywhere near the neighbor volcano, Katla, there could be a far bigger eruption. 
Working in travel where a lot of our revenue comes from people flying over Europe = not so fun. I had to come into work today and had to try to convince my employees to come in too. They will be helping customer service handle the canceled hotel rooms this week -- on top of all the work they are already behind on -- can't wait (huge sigh).

This trip is supposed to be re-sechedule which I would assume would be in about 2 weeks or so -- if the condition permits. I'm not too upset about it because I have another trip scheduled soon -- and remember, I am supposed to be traveling about 4-6 times between now and January.

What I AM concerned about this second volcano. If by chance it erupts, my trips for the rest of the year could all be changed or canceled entirely! No fun for me!

We shall see what the next few weeks shall bring, dear friends. All we can do is continue to Sazzle on!

Oh -- and the pics? Long story short, you haven't seen pics from me in some time due to a computer issue. I am still using my baby laptop and it has limited USB ports -- so I can't use a mouse, upload pics and save to my external hardrive while still using a mouse. It is irritating and absolutely annoys me -- therefore I have boycotted adding photos. I just bought a USB splitter, so now I have enough ports. It will take time to upload everything you have missed, but look forward to them coming soon.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's HERE!

My new luggage arrived and it is super awesome!

Ugly, yes. Awesome, yes.

The bright green will stand out and I bought the largest carry-on acceptable so that I wouldn't have to check luggage for this trip.

Isn't it rad?

I got it in black with bright green trim, but I can't find a photo of it.

Global Solutions 4 Retro Series 4 Piece Luggage Set - CLOSEOUT (Green with Grey Trim)

Prepare yourself: Post soon to come about how much of a geek I am when I travel. It will be awesome.

Oh, and I owe all of you a ton of photos so I will have to do a photo update post.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sazzle's Go'n Green

Guess what I hate?

Doing this:

Niko poops twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening when we are on the trail. (To be fair, she never, ever, ever has pooped on pavement -- she always does it in the grass) Picking up poop is absolutely disgusting.

Honestly, I only pick up poop when people are on the trail and can see me. What? Come on, if nobody could see you, you wouldn't pick it up either!

Here's my new thought process:

Picking up poop = using plastic bag
Plastic bag = bad for the environment
Therefore, Picking up poop = bad for the environment

Do we all agree?

I have decided that I should make t-shirts to support this.

Front: "Go"-ing Green
Back: One Poop Bag at a Time

Or: "I'm reducing my carbon footprint by NOT picking up my dog's poop"

Or: "I don't give a shit" with a picture of a poop bag and an X over it

I think I should make a series of shirts and wear them each time I am walking Niko.

Any thoughts?