Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Thank God for Pinterest

Recently, I was painting some furniture in my dining room. I had put down drop cloths to prevent any paint from getting on my beautiful hardwood floors. Obviously, I was surprised when I pulled up the drop cloth and found this:

This picture is after a lot of time was spent trying to chip away at it with my fingernail.

I got to a point where my nail was no longer productive. Clearly, I was upset. I have absolutely zero interest in trying to refinish the area - knowing I could never match the rest.

In a fit of desperation, I went to Pinterest.

...well, ok, I was on Pinterest and thought I would search for a cure...but I digress

I found a remedy using "Clean and Clear" pads. Seriously?

So, tonight I was at Walgreens and decided to go for it...

And...sure enough, the little suckers worked! Like a DREAM!!!

Here is what the floor looks like now:

So friends, take note...but still use a THICK drop cloth