Sunday, February 28, 2010

Meet Ryan

Here is Ryan:

Manager of 2 pets stores in GR
Owns his own home --which he wants to pay off in the next 10 years
Goes to church every Sunday
Likes his space (we have learned that I really like my "me" time lately)
Knows what a "Brother" label maker is

We are meeting at 7:30 at a coffee shop. Nervous. Gonna puke.

What do you think of him and any thoughts???


I have a couple of great things to blog about - with pics...however, my laptop has decided to crash on me.

I still have my baby travel laptop that works - but all my pics are on the dead computer. Over the next week or so, I will be buying an external harddrive and getting my files moved from the bad to the external. Then, I will be able to blog about baby Niko's birthday and a couple other things.

...then someone at work is going to fix my cashing piece of year-old crappy Sony Vaio...

Stupid computers...

Friday, February 19, 2010

A Quick Work Story

This week we had a bunch of visitors from other offices that were training
  • 2 people conducting the training from NYC
  • 2 new hires from San Francisco
  • 2 new hires from Orlando
  • 1 new hire from Montreal
  • 3 new hires - that will be in the GRR office (we use the name after the airport code)
Now, I'm sure none of you care about the visitors and I won't go too much into detail, but I want to make mention of is a picture of the new hires:

Make note of the clocks...

What you cannot see in this picture is the fact that my desk is just to the right of the Sau Paulo clock... it is JUST out of the picture... they just added the clocks this week.

Thank GOD that my team will move desks soon. All I hear ALL day long is:
Tickity-tick-tick - Tickity-tick-tick - Tickity-tick-tick - Tickity-tick-tick - Tickity-tick-tick - Tickity-tick-tick - Tickity-tick-tick - Tickity-tick-tick - Tickity-tick-tick - Tickity-tick-tick - Tickity-tick-tick - Tickity-tick-tick - Tickity-tick-tick - Tickity-tick-tick - Tickity-tick-tick - Tickity-tick-tick - Tickity-tick-tick - Tickity-tick-tick -

I am going CRAZY!!!!

Side you think the 3rd person in from the left is cute? Trying to figure out if he is single. Shhh! Just kidding - I don't date guys at work...

FML you STUPID Car!!!

I drive a POS. 2001 Pontiac Sunfire with 114,000 miles on it. Honestly, it is awful: missing a hub cap, the heat doesn't work all the time, the air goes low on the tire often because I have a bent frame that wrechs the wheel.... I still crank my windows!

Why do I drive a piece of crap? 3 reasons:
  1. I bought it in college and it was "cool" enough back then
  2. I never had a loan for it and it continues to run...can't justify the additional expense
  3. For 5 years I was paying all of douche bag's bills that I never had anything left over to buy a car for myself
No...I'm not bitter...

I have to keep this blog short because my blood is starting to boil again.... So, an hour ago I decided to go to Target. I found a REALLY cute dress. I have one just like it, but in other colors. This one was black and reds/pinks. They only had it in one size - XS and I couldn't remember if mine was Small or XS. Mine fits tight in the boobs so I knew I couldn't get an XS if mine was a I went home

This is the dress I have:

...come to find out, I have an XS. WHOO HOO!!! So, I got excited to go back to Target to get the dress...

I went out to my car and what did I find? My car door open. What?!?!

Immediately I began to panic, thinking that someone may have broken in...ok, it is a piece of crap, but I have a few good CDs in there.

Nope. No break-in. My car door has decided to no longer latch - even when locked. Nothing is blocking the door - everything LOOKS fine...just no latching. FML

So...I texted my brother, Kevin, who is a mechanic - but I don't think he gets out of work until after midnight...looks like I am going to miss out on the

I am a bit nervous about someone stealing or damaging the I did this:

To make a bad situation worse - I was supposed to go to a Birthday party tonight...

But...I sazzle because I have a good rope/scarf to tie it to my steering wheel..

Kevin is calling...gotta go!!!

A Waste of Calories

I think many of you know that I count my calories. Most of the time it is a mental count - but I like to stay within 1000-1200 calories per day.

It is VERY easy to reach that number quickly - so I am conservative with my calories - I don't like to waste them. Here are some foods I can't STAND because they are calorie wasters:

If you can't chew it - why waste the calories?!?!

Now, I noticed this recently:

I figured I'd try it. It has more texture and volume than yogurt and it is only 60 calories. Outcome? It does taste very similar to pudding, which I'm not a fan of - but it did satisfy my chocolate craving. I might keep one in my lunch as an alternative to candy bars.

What IS worth the calories?

I have an insane addition to the following foods:

Only 150 calories for 3 small ones

Only 90 calories per bar! And, it has real fruit!

What are your secret addictions?

I'm Bringing Sazzle Back...

So, where the hell has Sazzle been?


Work has been insane - hiring a million new people - having a million new projects get put on me - organizing new positions - strategic planning - ahhhhhh! It is very good because I have an opportunity to prove that I really Sazzle at my job, but I haven't had any time for my place is a mess, I need to go see the eye doctor and dentist, Niko ran out of food today, I haven't made the picture book I promised to Kendyl and Aden, and the list goes on and on...

Being busy has ALSO made me neglect my blogging duties. I will be changing that going forward.

Today I took the day off. I WILL be working from home, but I also need to accomplish a multitude of things. One of which is updating the blog.

That will happen this afternoon - but right now I need to run to the store and pick up Niko some dog food... more to come soon...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

7 Pounds

I WISH I was referring to this:

What I am actually referring to is Niko and my weight issues. We are both fat and need to lose weight.

I gained about 7 pounds over Christmas and am struggling to take it off.
Running outside was SO much better for me...

And...Niko went to the vet today. Somehow, she has managed to gain 8, yes, 8 pounds in a week!
Running outside was SO much better for her...

Now, Niko weighs 104 pounds and I can feel my clothes getting tighter. We both lost a couple of pounds a few weeks ago...but it has apparently been gained back...

We both miss our spring/summer/fall runs on the trail - early in the morning and late at night...

Tomorrow we will be more focused.

Friday, February 5, 2010

$180 later....

I joined EHarmony.

Yep. 6 month membership.

I joined with 2 other girls. Tonight they came over and we compared matches and checked out photos. Weirdos and creepers are still there - but there are a couple of decent looking ones too. One of my girlfriends had a couple of HOT guys on hers that I was jealous of.

It should be more interesting with the 3 of us doing it together.

Wish me luck!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Non-Creeper?

You all know that I have joined the free dating website...and it hasn't gone so well.


Picture this: redneck, jobless, teethless, Nascar-lov'n icky men...sending me the weirdest messages...

"You are a bitch if you don't respond to me"

"I just signed up for this yesterday and I saw your pictures. You look interesting..." (the guy sent this to me about 4 times over a 3-month span...the same message)


So, tonight I logged on, ready to cancel my account...when I found this:

Yes, yummy. Hottness!

This is the last shot on the free site...cross your fingers.

Monday, February 1, 2010

10 Reasons Why I am JUST like Victoria Beckham

Last week/this week on Facebook, was/is Doppelgänger week. You have to change your photo to the celebrity that you look like. Who did I pick? Hello, my twin!!!

Victoria Beckham

LOOOVE her!!! AND, not only do I look like her (ask my momma, she will confirm), but I also have many things in common with her.

10 Reasons Why I am JUST like Victoria Beckham:

#10: I love tank tops and big sunglasses

#9: I have been a platinum blond

#8: I love black clothes, big purses, and bootie shoes

#7: Mine may not be beautifully big and fake (one can dream), but I have fabulous boobs

#6: I love dresses

#5: I have occassionally had a wardrobe malfunction or 2

#4: Hot Men flock to

#3: I love kids - although she has some of her own

#2: I am totally obsessed with tanning

AND...the #1 Reason why I am EXACTLY like Victoria Beckham....

I totally Sazzle....

...aka my Momma said I look like her