Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekend Update

Weekends are never, ever long enough.

Friday I met up with KPJ (my girlfriend, Kirsti) for dinner at On the Border. I LOVE that place!

Then, KPJ and I went to the mall. I bought TWO pairs of shoes (yes, deal with it) at Shi and some great new eyeshadow at Sephora called "Forever Make-up" which is supposed to be the longest lasting eyeshadow ever -- it really did last a long time but I haven't tried it a full work day yet.

To say that I have fun with KPJ is quite an understatement. She lets me be goof-ball Stephanie and I love it!

Saturday I drove to my parents' house to go with them to my cousin, Mandy's wedding. Niko was happy to spend some time with "Grandma" and her BFF Molly.

I'm going to get to the wedding, but first I want to talk about my stressful situation before. I was going to wear GORGEOUS gladiator peep-toes with a 5" heel.

Unfortunately, they BROKE when I put them on and my mom couldn't fix them. I almost cried. They were PERFECT -- and purchased the day before.

So, I went with these:

I was really bummed, but it all worked out. I got a few complements on my shoes -- and they are still HOT!

So, back to the wedding. Mandy looked beautiful!

Kendyl and Aden loved the bubbles

I have to say that Sarah and I were looking pretty good

During the reception, I ended up getting suckered into talking into the video camera going around. Yeah, I bet it came out pretty lame.

What was NOT lame was the dessert table. Pies, cakes, good. I only had one but it was quite hard to decide.

As usual, the classic sisters picture was taken:

And, we added a few more to the sisters picture. This one has my brother, Scott's girlfriend, Sara.
(And of course Mom)
Unfortunately Kevin's girlfriend, Ashley, had to work.

And...we did get down

A special thanks to Raquel for letting me borrow the dress! When my "naughty" shoes broke she laughed -- she said they were deflowering her classy dress :)

Raquel -- the 2nd pair was naughty too :)

I had a Sazzlerific weekend and can't wait for the next!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Too Smart

You all know Niko.

Hmm...weird place to lay...

Why are you pawing at the canvas totes?

These canvas totes hold all the toys that I have bought and have yet to give her. The picture above is a tote that holds an elephant with a "Happy Birthday" shirt. Each tote actually holds at least one toy that I am saving for the right time.

Niko...naughty, naughty Niko...

She can smell...SMELL PetSmart

Too Smart for her own good.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Put'n the Degree to Work

For those of you that don't know, I got my Bachelor's in Journalism. However, my work history has been in banking, customer service, sales and office management. Hmmm... Journalism?

Well, now I actually have an opportunity to put my degree to good use. I have TWO new jobs.

First, I now have a freelance job at The Examiner.
I will be writing in the Style and Fashion section as a SHOE Examiner.

Seriously. This is no joke.

I know, perfect, right?

Check it out --- often.

My second job, (the "real" one) which I start on Friday (wish me luck) is managing a group of proposal writers. This is for a security company that bids on jobs all over the world. My employees will be writing proposals for the bids. I will oversee those proposals and the contracts that come in. I don't know a lot of the details yet, but I am pretty excited.

I owe you lots of blogs, but I wanted to start with this one since it is an exciting change to my life.

Using my degree totally Sazzles!!!!