Sunday, October 31, 2010

How Vain is Too Vain?

If you had one of the most amazing bodies that required endless hours in the gym to many half naked pictures are acceptable to show off?

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Tribute...

As many of you know, my Uncle Doug recently past away.

He was diagnosed with cancer on September 17 and left us on October 14th. Nobody was really prepared for what happened and it has unfortunately been very hard on my family.

Here's to the man that taught me how to ride a bike without training wheels -- to the man that knew every CCR song and introduced me to Jeremiah was a Bullfrog -- to the man that would try to fix anything and everything, whether he could do it or not -- to the man that answered my car-buying questions from his hospital bed and who had an in-depth conversation with me about the awesome Michigan/Michigan State game this year:

Camping won't be the same without you, Dougie. Give Grandpa a hug from all of us! We love you!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Go State! ...aka In the Right Place at the Right Time

I have some of my posts out of order. A few weeks ago, I went to an MSU game.

I met my cousin, Paula, and her boyfriend, Chuck, for the October 2nd game against Wisconsin.

Wisconsin is a pretty good team, so I was a little nervous...

Unfortunately, the day started of we spend some time in the stores before the game. Later, I was quite thankful for the rain -- because by being in the bookstore, we ran into this guy:


Did you know Paula went to MSU for 7 years (she is Dr. Paula -- an awesome vet) and never got a photo op with Sparty? Clearly this day was going to be awesome!

Oh...and did you notice the totally hot matching vests? Yep, we were at the bookstore walking around and next thing we knew, her and I both had one in hand :)

Next, we just so happened to walk into the band

After that...the rain decided to clear up a bit so we went to the tailgating section. We went where there was a decent sized crowd...and Chuck made some friends that invited us to free food and drinks :) SCORE!

That's where I saw this dude:

Did I mention it was cold? Burrr...

The game was awesome --- and of course an MSU victory. Paula, Chuck and I had a great time!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Saying Hello to the Future

Do any of you know how long I have had my crappy car?

Let's put it into perspective. When I got it:
  • I was still in college
  • I was engaged -- that was 3, SIGNIFICANT, guys ago
  • I had not yet become a platinum blond...which I was for over 3 years...and have been a brunette again for about 5 years now
  • Kendyl and Aden weren't born
  • Elizabeth and David weren't married yet
  • Scott, Kevin and Sarah were in middle school or younger
  • I wasn't a total organizational freak yet
  • ...I was a completely different person
I'm finally saying goodbye to the awful past:

And welcoming my wonderful future:

Here is my beautiful 2010 Chevy Aveo Hatchback. I have loved the Honda Fit for years, but found that the Aveo has better gas mileage and I could buy a brand new one for less than the price of a used Fit. PLUS, since it is new, I have a warranty...and the BIGGEST deciding factor is my mechanic :) Kevin, my brother, is a free mechanic who will drop anything to help me out. He knows domestic cars - so that's what I went with. Oh, and foreign parts are much more expensive.
I'm glad I took the time to do my research -- all around this is the best value I could get.

(Oh, and I completely understand that most of you hate hatchbacks -- I LOVE hatchbacks)

                                                  SIDE STORY:
Did you know that I purchased the car via email? That's right - I've never even spoken to the girl that sold me the car. After the sale I have texted her, but never any phone calls. Did you know that the car was purchased from a dealership in Durand, which is near Lansing? Yep...and they graciously drove it to my apartment building! I never had to go anywhere :)
I'd also like to take a little time out to say that MEN car salesmen are douche bags. All of them. Shady, shady, shady. I had them lie to me, had them refuse to tell me if they could get the car I wanted unless I came IN to talk to them, and had them threaten me -- true story (basically he claimed that another dealer gave me a price too low and that if I bought it for the low price, Chevy would find out and come after me)

I highly, highly encourage Jamie Smith at Graff Chevy in Durand, Michigan. She is amazing! Plus, she isn't a douchebag dude. Jamie is the internet sales person. Seriously, she rocks.

When I got my new baby, she had 104 miles on her. And, I love that I can tell how many miles I have before I need to get gas.

I have always HATED to drive, but now I'm finding excuses to get out on the road. However, I'm scared to death that someone is going to crash into me...paranoid.

Now, you may I SERIOUSLY going to let naughty, shedding Niko ride in my car? Well, I thought of that too :) Here is the new seat cover

I'm hoping that this will not only keep hair off the seat, but that perhaps it will keep her in the back seat and off of my lap. I'm going to test it next weekend when I take her to the vet. And, if it doesn't work, I have a metal barrier coming in the mail -- although I'm desperately hoping I get to return it. So, everyone cross your fingers, please that she stays in the back!

Bored with the car details yet? No? Great!

Guess what was the first accessory purchased for the car? You got it!
The total geek bought a front seat organizer!

I can't even tell you how much stuff I have packed into this thing. Pens, highlighters, paper, glass wipes, armorall wipes, make up, hand sanitizer, travel garbage bags, a whole make-up kit, a medicine kit, and the list goes on and on... YOU NEVER KNOW :)

I also went to get a few keys made to give to Kevin, my mom, etc... However, they cost $106 to cut. Nope.

My vanity plate is coming soon --- I'll make sure to show you once it arrives :)

My new car totally Sazzles!!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sparty Sazzles

How can I NOT blog about the game this weekend?!?! It was AH-MAZING!!!

For those of you that are trying to is a reminder:

That's baby!!!
For the 3rd year in a row, MSU has claimed victory over U of M - to win the Paul Bunyan trophy.

While I do have some very dear friends that like U of M, they tend to get a bit full of themselves during the football season -- much of that is deserved as they DO tend to beat us. Even when we do win, it does tend to be close...except this year.

This year, U of M is rebuilding, but they thought they could beat us, especially with Denard Robinson. If you didn't watch the game, you missed out. Robinson, who is normally an amazing rusher and passer was completely shut down by the MSU defense. He threw FOUR interceptions. In addition, the U of M kicker is probably the worst kicker I have seen in my entire life -- while the MSU kicker is undefeated.

Final score: MSU 34, U of M 17

Monday, October 4, 2010


I'm getting my new car soon!!!!

So, I need your help. Which one?

I think I like the one with an H.....which one Sazzles?