Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fusion Fantasy

I HATE my short hair. Hate it, Hate it, HATE IT!

I have hated it since the second I cut it into a bob and have been working on growing it out. Sure, my stylist does a pretty good job of making it presentable when she trims it, but I miss my super long hair.

I should know better when I cut it because I always regret it in the long run and wish I could have my long, flowing hair...sigh...

Because of this little fact, I have been dreaming about fusion hair extensions. Have you heard of them?

Now, now, I know what you are thinking -- is Stephanie going to look super ghetto with a weave?

No, no dear friends --- GOOD Hair Extensions.

I've done my research on FUSION hair extensions:

  • They are the most expensive -- and the most life-like

  • They FUSE to your hair so look more real

  • They aren't braided in like a weave or clipped in, so you don't have any missing sections

  • It can take 8 hours to get them all in there

  • They are tiny little pieces of hair that you use a fusion gun to fuse them to your normal hair

  • They last SIX months -- by then your normal hair can grow out

  • They don't ruin your hair
Here is how the process looks:

I want them SOOOOO bad. However, they are really expensive.

  • You have to have the salon dye your hair before hand and then order hair that matches

  • Hair is really, really expensive

  • The process takes so long that the salon charges a lot

  • You have to pay lots of money to get your color touched up
All in all, it could run $1000-$1500...maybe more

So, I have to put it on my fantasy list, right?

Maybe not.... I have an employee that just got a fusion gun (she is going to school for cosmetology). She might be able to do it for less than a quarter of the LOW price!!!! I am really excited and hope to do it soon!

I would feel SO hot with my Sazzlerific long hair....

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

No Waiting for the Fun

Cedar Point #2:

What is the most annoying thing about Cedar Point?

Obviously, waiting in line

Well, when there is 80% chance of rain and thunder storms, there are no long lines. The ladies and I waited 15 minutes for almost every ride! How do I feel about that?

Oh, did I mention that we were also first in line?

So, we were able to ride almost everything we wanted by 1pm...and had time to show off our awesomeness

How does did that make us feel?

Ok...seriously, the thumbs up is a shout out to Amy's boyfriend, Matt.

However, this is not

Oh...and the rides were pretty fun too

Now, it did sprinkle here and there throughout the day but nothing that prevented us from doing anything.

On our second go of the Maverick, it did shut down the ride twice but we still waited less than an hour and a half (normally the wait is at least 2 hours) and we stayed dry the whole time.

As we later heard someone say "This trip will ruin every other trip from now on" which is true because we will never again luck out as much as we did.

...oh, and the rain came later but that's for my final post about this...

No lines totally Sazzle!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010


Cedar Point Weekend #1

I don't know where to start in describing my Cedar Point I will start with the part that is stuck in my head.

While on a break from rides, Amy, Shannon, Monica and I stopped at the Red Garter Saloon in the park.

Here's us before the craziness began: (me, Monica, Shannon & Amy)

Just stopping for a quick beer, right?

Oh, very wrong

Apparently we went to the Tropical Island Heat - Beat which apparently draws quite a crowd. (It looked exactly as it appears in the youtube video)

To say that the group was annoying would be an understatement. The blond girl thought she was the hottest thing in the world and the brunette sang like the Little Mermaid...but the guys were pretty cute.

So...being annoyed and tired, we started to have a bit of fun...we WERE in a bar

Well, apparently THIS bar is a silent bar. Some really old dude at the table in front of us did the following:
A: Shushed Monica. Yes, I said shushed
B: Called the manager over to complain about us

Next thing you know, the manager is asking me to quiet it down. I couldn't help it -- my first response was a very loud "SERIOUSLY?!?!"

Well, come to find out, Jacob the manager also thought it was quite ridiculous, but he was just humoring the guy -- I mean, COME ON -- it's not like we were screaming or anything

Anyway, we had a good time mocking the old dude after he left...although Shannon somehow thought that the "shhh" motion was a finger

LOL...there you go Shannon!

This is one of the many reasons why the trip totally Sazzled -- if you didn't find it funny, please watch the youtube video of the performance...and don't forget:

GET ON YOUR FEET!!!!!!! ...and Sazzle on!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sazzlerific Memorial Day

What a busy weekend!!!

Friday night I started the weekend out right by seeing this movie with my friend, Kirsti (KPJ):

The movie was great. Ok, maybe critics don't like it, but it is the Sex and the City girls!!! I could watch 15 movie re-makes...I don't care if I am watching Samantha hit on guys in the retirement home -- I will be there!

Oh, but funny fact about the movie. KPJ and I are sitting there, eating our popcorn and group after group of women come in...all groups of 4 wearing heels. Ok, I am super girly but really? As much as we all would like to be Carrie -- we are not her. Hi, I am Stephanie. I am not Carrie but I totally Sazzle!

The only downside to the movie was that I put too much salt on my popcorn. So much, in fact, that I burnt off my taste buds...literally. On Sunday I thought I had a hair in my mouth and couldn't find it with my finger. I looked in the mirror and found that it was actually my tongue peeling...yes, It had healed and peeling was part of the process. According to my mom, it was disgusting :)

But, before I talk too much about Sunday, I should talk about Saturday. Saturday I felt like a spoiled princess because I got my nails did and the whole process was part of a photo shoot. Yeah, I'm kinda a big deal :) Here are some pics of the process:

It is a new process, called "Shellac". Basically it is a hybrid of polish and gel. The nails are supposed to stay bright and pretty for up to 14 days. It cures under a UV lamp.

I went to Friends Salon and Spa. They hooked me up with a great deal. It's only $25 for the manicure -- which should last at least a week without any chipping!

Here is my favorite pic from the photo shoot:

Perhaps I was checking my Facebook after they were finished :)
So far I am 3.5 days in and I only have one tiny chip -- but that chip is on my texting finger, so I blame myself. I shouldn't use my nails as "tools". I'll let you know how long they last!

Saturday night was spent with my girl, Amy. She had a cookout at her house so a few of us ate some great food and drank a few beers. Good times and nice weather. Sorry, I didn't take any pics :(

However...Amy owes me a few pics so I can blog about my birthday party.

I spent Sunday and Monday in Fremont with my family. My "baby" sister, Sarah is graduating from High School and her party was on Monday.
I can't believe how old she makes me feel!!! I used to change her diapers!!!

While I was helping mom prepare and make food (I did actually help a bit), the "kids" got together. Max (my brother, Kevin's dog), Molly (mom's dog), and Niko "played" together. And when I mean play, I mean bite each other, run around like crazies, and wrestle until they can't breathe.

Here's a few of the kids together:

Now, on with the party. Sarah did a great job -- and so did mom.

Mom set up a 15-minute power point of pictures of Sarah.

Sarah mingled as she should

We took the classic "sisters" picture

The kids and I apparently were surprised and/or "creepy"

AND...biggest news of all --- do you know that my brother, Kevin, now has a girlfriend?!?!

Yes, yes he does. Her name is Ashley and she is a very nice girl. Finally Kevin!!!

Great Weekend. Very busy. Now I'm off to bed.

Sazzle on dear friends! Sazzle on!