Sunday, November 3, 2013

From Under the Porch to My Lap

In the end of June, I came home from work one day to this:

4 baby kittens under my porch!

I was worried the Momma wasn't around, so I fed them tuna...and Momma quickly showed up with a dead mouse

To keep the story short, I kept feeding the babies, the Momma, and even the Dad from time to time.

Unfortunately, only about a week later it went from 4 kittens to 3.

So, I kept feeding them.

Sometimes they wouldn't be around for weeks at a time and other times they would be out every day.

Sometimes the huge Dad would show up.

Eventually I realized that I needed to catch them. So, I tried and tried and tried. They are fast little buggers!!!

I obviously used food.

The orange one came SO close but wouldn't let me touch him...and then the cat whisperer came over

(My sister Sarah)

Next thing I knew, this little guy was running to me every day for cuddles!!

So, I took him in and named him Milo

And clearly he hates it

Milo has been inside for 2 weeks now and I'm pretty happy with the progress he has made! 

Niko and Milo will be besties soon!

As a side note: I haven't seen the others in more than 2 weeks :( I'm afraid I scared them away. 

I'm hoping someone took them in or took them to the Humane Society

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