Monday, November 11, 2013

Vet Adventures #2 and #3

Mr. Milo had surgery on Friday. He got fixed, declawed, micro-chipped, and had a fecal test run to check for parasites.

Milo was NOT impressed with going back to the vet. We had to shake him out of the carrier. Poor buddy!!!

The surgery went well. HOWEVER, while I was paying (a million dollars) and filling out paperwork, his microchip fell OUT!!! No joke - it FELL OUT. So, they had to put a new one in.

We went home, and my little buddy slept all night - pretty drugged up.

While cuddling, I noticed that one paw just didn't look right. It was bloody. Now, they told me it could happen, but it just didn't look right.

On top of that, I got a call Friday night -- Milo has round worm. It is spread by sharing litter boxes. Obviously with him being a former stray, one of his parents or siblings gave it to him. He now needs three treatments. The first was topical. In two weeks, he needs an oral treatment. Then, two weeks after that, he gets another topical treatment. Luckily, it isn't catchy to Niko unless Niko eats litter "candy". (Don't think for a second that she hasn't done it before)

So, I took him BACK to the vet on Saturday. Sure enough, he had ripped open two little toes. He got patched up and is now on antibiotics just in case they get infected.

Giving a cat antibiotics is ridiculous. I hold him on his back, pry open his mouth, and squirt it in. He's taking it like a champ but he still puts up a fight. Gosh I hope this goes quickly!!!

On a side note: the fur babies are starting to love each other. Milo wants to cuddle Niko more than cuddle me

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